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The team at Live the Journey are all experts in their field and bring travel experience from across the world.  Our logistical field teams and guides are without a doubt the best in the industry and are living their journey every day by making sure that our clients get the best possible experience.

We organize with unforgettable journeys in mind.

Kim van der Westhuizen

Southern Africa holds a special place in my heart and of all the destinations I have had the pleasure to visit, nothing quite compares to it. Natural beauty aside, it is the stark contrasts of magnificence that truly takes my breath away. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to destinations which include Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique


Guy van Greunen

Africa and especially Southern Africa is a fantastically mesmerizing destination to visit. Each journey’s end claims a piece of your heart, leaving you thirsty for more and eagerly anticipating that one day you may return to explore once more.


Susan Theron

Africa is an immense and highly diverse continent full of dramatic scenery. It becomes second nature to want to cultivate an intense love and passion for its captivating cultures, and amazing animals. Being able to build a career around my affection for this great destination is a thing of wonder. I have been extremely fortunate to travel throughout South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.


Heidri Rust

Growing up in a travel-obsessed family, I could not have asked for a better career fit than where I find myself today. Being able to share my absolute tourism-infatuation with my clients, fills me with a job satisfaction I cannot easily put into words. Facilitating their travel plans and making sure bucket list experiences fill their itinerary becomes my personal challenge – and I aim to excel at most challenges.


Tanya Engelbrecht

The South Coast of South Africa holds a special charm for me. You can’t help but be seduced by the glorious natural beauty of the Garden Route, characterized by overflowing landscapes of emerald-green and indigo-blue. Brimming with quaint eateries, friendly locals and beautiful stretches on pearly-white beaches, the loads of personality of offer here.


Colleen Stewart-Sagor

Working in the travel Industry, definitely has its perks. I have been blessed to visit many parts of Southern Africa from the fairest Cape to majestic Victoria Falls. My favourite Southern African destination however has to be ever captivating Namibia. The natural diversity is almost indescribable – in one day you’re able to travel from grand open plains to earthy coloured granite rocks resembling the surface of the moon. A dream setting if there ever was one.


Abby Saayman

We are truly blessed to be residing in a country as diverse and unite as South Africa. I had the pleasure of experiencing & exploring this wonderful republic at the end of 2016 during my honeymoon. The charm of small-town South Africa really is quite the experience. Travelling from hamlet to homestead went a long way towards rediscovering the essence of our great nation.


Nureth Jordan

I can honestly say every time I return from a Live the Journey tour I am filled with PURE EXCITEMENT. The exhilarating sensation you get when you know you’ve literally ticket an item off your bucket list, stays with you forever. My career has taken me to many glorious destinations, however they all pale to comparison when I think back to my first Victoria Falls experience. The sheer gravity of the encounter actually takes your breath away – the sounds, the sights and the setting doesn’t have its equal anywhere on earth in my opinion.


Mercia Mc Carthy

I love going on adventures and travelling, especially in this beautiful country we call home.

Africa has such a wide variety to offer tourists from nature at it’s best to authentic African experiences, to adrenalin activities.

I’m looking forward to more travelling in the near future.


Michelle Alexander

We live in the most beautiful part of the world.

I know that because I have been abroad and also worked in West Palm Beach (America) as well as Great Malvin(Europe) and every single time I couldn’t wait to get home to the mountains & beautiful sceneries.


Shanay Lottering

I have only traveled in South Africa, and from where I have been I have experienced how important our country is with all unique and beautiful surroundings. I have been in areas in Southern Africa, Garden Route, Oudtshoorn, etc. and learned so much of what makes our country so special with the people, different cultures, traditions and the absolute beauty to create the perfect atmosphere where ever you go, to enjoy and relax in the manner of so much appreciation for each experience, the adrenaline and excitement!


Simoné Manus

Working in the travel industry I realized what a beautiful country we are actually living in. I had the privilege to go to Knysna , Oudtshoorn and of course Robben Island  and there is just one word to describe this experience for me and that’s MAGNIFICENT. I hope I will have the opportunity to explore many more places.


Alida Venter

For over 18 years I have been working in the travel industry; from tour operator to conference specialist, from arranging fixtures for school sport groups and youth groups, handling all their logistics to corporate travel consultant as well as an incentive and events management specialist.

Ethan Small

Ethan Small

Africa is the place of all my beginnings the cradle of human kind. This is one of the worlds remarkable destinations with it’s fascinating scenery and attractions. Being part of this beautiful dusty continent, whose oldest roads are elephant paths, will always be where I’m based in.


Our Number Crunchers

Our experienced finance team adds that extra bit of economic peace of mind to your dealings with Live the Journey.

  • A “once-off payment” secures your entire holiday, without the hassle of having to enter into any additional financial transaction for the duration of the trip. (Excluding optional extras not included or pre-arranged)
  • Furthermore, through our currency hedging practice, being able to facilitate both Euro as well as (US) Dollar transactions, has never been easier. Upon entering into a financial contract with Live the Journey, you are now protected against unexpected or anticipated changes in currency exchange rates when agreeing to contracted payment terms/periods

Christene Payne

Freda Fouch

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