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Nureth Jordan

Every time I leave my home and family to go on one of our Live the Journey adventures, I get this nauseating feeling, not sure if its excitement or fear of being without my family and the comfort of my day to day life.

I can honestly say every time I return from a tour I am sure of the feeling I had lingering inside of me, PURE EXCITEMENT.  You always know, way in the back of your head, this tour will be epic.

I have been on so many ventures, all with their own unique experience, but I did however have one experience that stood out from the rest.  Victoria Falls.

Arriving in Zimbabwe, I felt captured in a scene of a 1980’s movie, no need for me to explain, you will understand once you get there.  Our lodge was absolutely amazing with a breath-taking view over a waterhole, seriously a view out of this world.

After check in, they came to pick us up for our guided Vic Falls Tour.  Now for those who know me, would know after seeing the view at the lodge and the peace it offered to my soul, the thought that went through my mind would have been something like – O MY,  WHYYYYYYY, I WISH I CAN JUST STAY AT THE LODGE, SIT ON THE DECK AND BE – Well, was my mind a fool.

Walking down the pathway to the falls you can hear the overwhelming sound of the water fall, but still you do not know, one will or can never know if one has not experienced it first-hand.  All I remember is a lot of chatter between me and my colleague and then it happened, the falls opened up to us like some kind of revelation.  We just stood there, speechless for about 5 minutes, trying to process, really not overexaggerating, you do not have to be a religious person, but this is a religious experience to say the least.  You can phone family or friends, take pictures, trying to show and explain to them the enormity of what you had just experienced, but they will never know, they will never know, they will never know before they have not experienced this themselves.

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