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Bamboo Straws:

Corporate gifting is a fantastic way to get your product seen and experienced. It constitutes a major cog in the international branding industry, and often takes months of planning and strategizing. In our experience, this entire exercise often lacks a sustainability and Eco-friendly aspect. This is exactly why we thought of fantastic way to combine our visual marketing- with our conservation efforts. We sourced very catchy, branded bamboo straws – they are bio-degradable and washable for repeat use. The corporate gift that keeps on giving. Order your bamboo straw to receive on arrival on your journey.


Born in Africa (non-profit)

Live The Journey has pledged its support to the Born In Africa Non-Profit organisation. These wonderful people are committed to the long-term educational development of underprivileged children in South Africa. We make a concerted effort to send our tour groups past this amazing project when they are in the area. Tourists get to spend 2 hours browsing through the curios and engaging with the children under their care. Visitors are presented with a small gift, courtesy of Live The Journey. The proceeds of this transaction assist the community to generate their own income. We have also commissioned delightful bead-work broaches, which we use as part of our corporate gifting campaigns. Just another way in which we fulfil our needs by incorporating the needs of other in the process. Visit an employment creation initiative and receive a small memoir when stopping at Born in Africa

Rubbish to reward (Small Steps Project)

Live The Journey is very proud of its association to and support of this wonderful and caring organisation. The Small Steps Project supplies us with almost 20 units of their distinctive product per week, which we use in a variety of ways. They are based in Malelane, Mpumalanga and have found a unique way to tackle two major problems – littering and unemployment. Through empowering ladies to collect plastic bags, washing them and re-using them, a most spectacular symbioses started developing. The ladies shared this entire exercise with their kids and in the process, not only educated these youngsters about generating their own income, but the importance of hygiene in this cycle. Then the age-old craft of crochet was incorporated to transform plastic bags into the most appealing “plastic flowers”. The initiative started with one lady, who happened to be proficient at the art of crochet. However, the trend soon caught on and spread rapidly through an informal settlement called Msholozi, near the Numbi Gate of the Kruger National Park. Soon the number grew to 16 ladies and in 4 months 50 000 flowers had seen the light of day. Each guest on the Live The Journey group tour, receives one of these flowers and are encouraged to tie them to their luggage – making it easily recognisable.

Inspiring from within (Internships)

If there is one thing, we have come to understand about travel is the fact that is more than a trade, it’s a calling. A truly special person is required to care such a great deal about the destination, that they enjoy devoting so much time to cultivating the perfect journey.

Sadly, most bright-eyed tourism students, fail to truly experience the rewards of a rich and rewarding travel vocation. They graduate and perhaps join a travel/experience company straight away. There they often lack a suitable mentor and quickly become disillusioned due to the long hours and immediate hardships. And just like that, they are lost to the industry. The very same industry which they spend a few years studying to enjoy.

As with everything else we approach, we see this process completely differently. We actively seek aspiring travel professionals from nearby tertiary institutions. Once a suitable candidate is identified, the internship process starts. Through careful screening, ample support and some much-needed “tough love” a young, enthusiastic tourism-fanatic is forged. They learn to grow, deal with various practical challenges and enjoy first-hand bucket-list experiences.

We instil in them pride and devotion.

We ensure that they are knowledgeable and solutions-orientated.

But mostly we welcome them to our family and make sure they feel respected and valued.

Whether they end up as part of the LTJ family or pursuing a career somewhere else, they are 100% employable and will be able to master any and all travel/tourism situations.